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Lincolnton native and Nashville recording artist Saddle Brown is always excited to play close to his home in Lincolnton. While he spends time between Music City and Lincoln County, his industry showcase in Charlotte on Sept. 19, which is open to the public, is an opportunity for Brown to shine for his family and friends.

“Family is my largest group of supporters,” he said. “My mom always does her best to come to my shows along with my siblings and cousins. Many of my fans are hometown folks who have supported me for many, many years.”

Brown, who is known as Brian Blake to his classmates from Lincolnton High School, was named the Queen City Music Award Show’s “Country Male Artist of the Year” for 2013 and 2014. The showcase will serve as an extension of Brown’s latest release “What’s Not To Like?”.

“I am expecting some industry people at the show,” he said. “I’m excited to put on a phenomenal show.” Brown keeps his activities local as much as possible. He filmed a video for the first single off of his latest record in Gastonia. “Pawg Dawg” took in the scenery of the Rock House Tavern.

“Right now, I have so many irons in the fire,” Brown said. “I have several songs that I recently wrote that I want to get recorded as well as a video that is currently in production.”

Brown’s song titled “Can’t Hide Here” was included in the 2013 thriller “Blue Caprice.”The songwriter collaborates with a host of musicians but retains lyrical control of the songs.

After the showcase, Brown will travel the country promoting his music through a radio tour where he will churn out live “on-air” versions of his original compositions. Brown’s showcase takes place in Charlotte on Sept. 19 at the Riverview Raw Bar and Chill, located at 10012 Moores Chapel Loop. The opener for the show will be DJ Krom of Kiss 95.1 and the show serves as a benefit for “Guardians of the Children,” which helps abused children.

Brown will again take the main stage on Oct. 24 at the “BBQ Festival” in Lexington. The Saturday show will kick off at 6 p.m. Visit for more information.

The Charlotte Post

Lincolnton native Saddle Brown moved to Nashville, Tenn., to learn the nuances of country music, then hit the road to spread his own sound.

Success can stem from anywhere.

From small town Lincolnton to the motherland of country music in Nashville, Saddle Brown found himself in the midst of a love affair before he knew it commenced.
“I’ve always done country music,” explained Brown, whose real name in Brian Keith Blake. “I never got into it. I’ve always been into it. I’m from Lincoln County. I used to listen to country when I was a kid, and you’re a part of your surroundings.”

Growing up under of his church choir directing mother, Brown began singing at five and writing at 11 years old. When he realized that he wanted to turn his passion into his career, Brown made his way to Nashville.

“It was a really good transition,” said Brown of going from performing in North Carolina to making his way in Nashville. An older veteran of the business advised him to “Get your feet dirty,” Brown recalled. “Get your hands dirty. Find your sound. Get in the midst of things. Perform live in front of a Nashville crowd, and put in the work that it takes to just get into that area.”

While his work takes him all over the map, Brown’s experience in Nashville served to further shape his sound.

“I think you should go to Nashville, not to try to be successful—you want to be successful—but my point is, you want to go there to mesh with the other artists, network…but it’s not necessary to live in Nashville after you get all of the ground work done,” Brown said. “It’s the Super Bowl of country music. I started receiving more notoriety whenever I left Nashville with all of the things that I have brought from Nashville. I brought the knowledge with me, and then I was able to utilize it better down here. When you get away from Nashville, your value goes up for some reason versus when you’re in Nashville.”

Although Brown has recorded in studios throughout the world, nothing compares to recording in Nashville.

“You have to have a sound. Nashville just has a certain—I don’t know what it is, but you can’t find it anywhere else in the world,” said Brown.

“I’ve recorded all over the world, in different studios and tried to fabricate the Nashville sound…when you play it, there’s always something missing, but when you go into a Nashville studio that has been established for a while, you leave with a Nashville sound, and people know it’s a professional Nashville recording, if that makes any sense.”

Brown has made his mark. He’s participated in numerous competitions, live performances, been featured in films and earned the 2013 Queen City Awards Male Country Artist of the Year.

“The key word is balance,” said Brown. “It’s being organized. I’m working on being organized better. You learn how to make things easier once you’ve been through it so much. I’ve kind of got it down to a science now I’ve been doing it so much. I’ve got my family. I’ve got my music. My music supports my family, so my family has to understand that my music is a priority just as much as them, and that always makes things better.”

Prior to embarking on a worldwide radio tour, Brown has a performance in Charlotte on September 19 at the Riverview Raw Bar and Chill. Accompanied by D.J. Krom of Kiss 95.1, the show benefits Guardians of the Children, which helps abused children.

“We do a lot of stuff together,” Brown said. “We’re doing it for the GOC.”

Charlotte Observer

“ "He's got the vocal ability. He's got the looks. And anyone who has seen him perform knows he's got stage charisma. I have no doubt that he'll succeed and some record label is going to profit enormously from the publicity."”

Mark Price, Chief Country Music Editor - Charlotte Observer

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"Dear Mr. Fordham, Thank you so much for having Saddle Brown as your guest was such a pleasure to hear from him live! Saddle is an amazing artist and man. We, his friends and fans, appreciate you for letting your listeners catch a glimpse of his phenomenal talent and the awesome and compassionate man he really is. May God bless you both!"

Turn It Up! A Measure of Truth - Blog Talk Radio

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