1. Country Son

From the recordings I Didn't Go Country and Country Son

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Produced by: Kenny Royster & Saddle Brown
Written by: Brian K. Blake
SaddleBrown Publishing, BMI


If you ain't from the backwoods up in them sticks
If you ain't toting a shotgun and loving to spit
If you don’t salute when the red, white and blue is sung You ain't country son
If mamma says jump and you don’t ask how high
And if you ain't scared to let daddy catch you in a lie
Cause what mom says goes and when daddy stares like boy please run, And you do, you ain't country son
Cause there ain't no mountain high enough, there ain't no valley low That could keep my daddy off my ass if i was trying to act grown
These days that we are living in is a self-destructive path
The poli-trick-tians and these know it all’s trying to be my mom and dad Trying to change my life and give me new rules
Out with wise guys in with new fools
Change and arranging everything we’ve done, they ain't country son
Lord have mercy on the new generation of kids
If they ain't reading by the age of three, then lord forbid
And they make them learn a language that ain't American
(lyric change: and if they pray in school, they might offend someone)
That ain't country son
And they got a little pill for the ones who get off track
And they can make a parent feel like they’re the one who’s holding them back When it seems to be there’s a penalty just for being young, that ain't country son
Cause their ain't no tree my boy can’t climb, there ain't no creek around Where a crawdad can escape my son or a worm that’s on the ground He eats liver mush in a hotdog bun and ain't never asked for toast
He said slap a piece of bacon there on the side
And gets mustard on his nose
But the health man says that’s too much pork
And the nutrition pros will not support
This southern meal that we serve where I’m from, they ain't country son
This ain't no wrong or right thing it’s a way of life thing
From sunup, sundown till the morning comes,
You can bet your last dang dollar, I’m country son, Dang right I’m country son